Industry Scholarships

Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Dr. Bernard J. Schroer Scholarship


AAMA Dr. Bernard J. Schroer Scholarship, facilitated through the Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM), support individuals pursuing a career/technical education certificate or associate degree in the Alabama College System in preparation for a career in the automotive manufacturing industry.


  • Alabama Resident
  • High school graduate or GED recipient
  • Planning to pursue an automotive manufacturing career in Alabama
  • Applicant must have a declared major in one of the following programs:

                   Automotive Manufacturing Technology

                   Automated Manufacturing

                   Computer Numerical Control

                   Engineering Technology

                   Industrial Electronics Technology

                   Industrial Maintenance Technology

                   Injection Molding

                   Machine Shop Technology

                   Machine Tool Technology

                   Manufacturing Technology

                   Mechanical Design Technology


                   Welding Technology


  • Applicant must have completed one semester at a CARCAM College and be enrolled in the second semester to apply;

          Any scholarship award is contingent upon successful completion of the second college semester.

  • Applicant must have a desire to work in Alabama’s automotive manufacturing industry.
  • Applicant must have a 2.5 overall GPA
  • Award recipient must attend the AAMA summer quarterly meeting to be recognized


  • A maximum of 12 scholarships at $750 per semester for two (2) semesters will be awarded per academic year.
  • A maximum of three (3) scholarships may be awarded annually to any one CARCAM college.



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Your application will NOT be renewed automatically

For more information, contact the CARCAM Regional Office.
P.O. Box 227
Gadsden, AL 35902
(256) 439-6870

 Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC Work Study Program

The HMA Work Study Program is for students currently attending Gadsden State Community College, Central Alabama Community College, and Jefferson State Community College. For more information, please fill out the application and return it to your instructor. 




Jacksonville State University Presidential Transfer Scholarship

The Presidential Transfer covers 12 hours in-state tuition for Fall and Spring semesters.  It is renewable dependent on GPA.  The approximate value is $14,000. The Presidential Transfer Scholarship may not be combined with other institution-provided scholarships. 

· Students with 3.50 or higher GPA who are admitted to JSU,

· have not previously attended JSU full-time,

· and who plan to graduate May or August 2015 are invited to

· apply by March 1st directly to JSU for the Presidential scholarship.

Please go to  for more information on the Presidential Transfer Scholarship and a complete listing of all JSU Scholarships.




The SAWF Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women admitted to an accredited two-year technical/career program, four-year undergraduate program, or graduate program in preparation for or in furtherance of a career in the automotive industry.  With the introduction of the Scholarship Program in August 2011, SAWF has already provided scholarships totaling $40,750, in increments ranging from $500 to $5,000.  In the future, SAWF expects to include an ever-increasing number of scholarships. 


Scholarship payments are made in two increments, one in the fall and one in the winter (or such other applicable academic term), each after submission of the required documentation showing satisfaction up to the date of payment of the eligibility requirements set forth below.


General Guidelines and Eligibility
Applications are not accepted on-line.  To be considered for any SAWF scholarship, you must submit your application and all attachments by U.S. Mail to the address provided on the application  and it must be postmarked by the required deadline.  The following general guidelines are currently utilized by SAWF to select scholarship recipients: 


  • Female graduate or soon to be graduate from a high school in a Southern state, who is or will be attending a college or university in a Southern state.  Southern states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. 
  • Female interested in or currently pursuing a career in the automotive industry.
  • Female enrolling in or enrolled in a full time or part time (at least 6 hours per semester) associate, technical, undergraduate or graduate accredited program, with a preference towards ABET-accredited programs in automotive, manufacturing, industrial maintenance, machine tooling, engineering (EAC), computing (CAC), and technology (TAC) located in the South.


The following eligibility requirements are currently utilized for all SAWF scholarships: 


  • Scholarships available only for use in pursuit of a two-year certificate/degree, four-year undergraduate degree, or graduate degree from a college or university accredited by ABET, Inc., the American Bar Association, the Accrediting Commission for Business Schools,  the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or another similar accrediting association.
  • Full time or part time (at least 6 hours per semester) enrollment required.
  • Required minimum grade point averages are an overall grade point average of 2.5 and a grade point average of 3.0 in his/her major.


Individuals may submit applications before graduating from high school or receiving a GED.


Award Period
Scholarships are awarded prior to the beginning of each fall term. Scholarships are for one academic year and are not automatically renewed.  Recipients must maintain enrollment as full time or part time (at least 6 hours per semester) students in at least two academic terms (e.g., fall and spring, spring and summer, fall and summer) during the upcoming academic year to receive the full award amount. 


General Disclaimers, Limitations, and Other Legal Matters
SAWF at all times retains the right without liability to withhold any and all scholarship payments previously announced or awarded.  If at any time a scholarship recipient does not maintain the eligibility requirements in effect at the time the scholarship was awarded, SAWF may seek reimbursement from the recipient of any unused scholarship monies previously paid to the recipient and shall discontinue any and all future payments to the recipient.  SAWF reserves the right to modify its scholarship guidelines and eligibility requirements at any time without notice to any current or future applicants or recipients. 


Each application must be signed by the applicant whereby she certifies that her application and all attachments submitted thereto are accurate and truthful.  Each applicant further agrees that in the event she is awarded a scholarship, she will (1) provide updated contact information each year to SAWF, at SAWF’s request, for at least seven years following the scholarship award as well as reasonable biographical information requested by SAWF regarding her education and career progression; and (2) allow SAWF to use her name, photographs, and general current and future biographical information on any SAWF scholarship promotional materials.  



Mercedes-Benz US International Scholarship Program


The Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Scholarship Program has been established by Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI) to assist Alabama high school seniors and dependent children of MBUSI Team Members who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for fulltime study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a department of Scholarship America. Scholarship America is a national nonprofit educational support and student aid service organization that seeks to involve and assist the private sector in expanding educational opportunities and encouraging educational achievement. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, or national origin.


Mercedes-Benz US International Scholarship Application